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A Center for Dermatology is a specialized dermatological practice located at 811 North Broadway in White Plains, New York. Headed by Frank C Taliercio, MD, the practice focuses on MOHS skin cancer surgery, dermatological surgery, as well as skin cancer screening and treatment for innumerable kinds of skin disorders.

​Dr. Taliercio strives to provide exceptional care on a flexible schedule to accommodate a diverse patient population. Dealing with a distinct range of conditions, Dr. Taliercio first looks to educate the patient on the etiology of the disorder, following which the patient and Dr. Taliercio work to find a solution that provides maximum comfort and convenience. By working with each patient’s unique circumstances and schedule, Dr. Taliercio ensures each patient is well informed and properly attended to.


A Center for Dermatology accepts most types of insurance, and same day scheduling is often available.

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